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Route 66 Tour 2011


The Wes Paul Band Arrive in Montgomery
The Wes Paul Band stayed at The Hampton Inn and Suites in Montgomery on Sunday 11th June 2010 (7.00 p.m.) after travelling 370 miles from Pigeon Forge - (East Tennessee). We were playing at The Alley Bar the next day which was actually on the same block (very handy)

Wes and Becky Paul outside The hank Williams MuseumWes Paul Band in The Alley Bar MontgomeryHank Willaims Statue - Wes Paul and Becky SimpsonHank Williams Museum - Wes Paul - Rebecca SimpsonWes Paul and Becky Simpson - Hank Williams Museum

Wes Paul and Rebecca Simpson Hank Williams Sign MontgomeryHank Wiliams GraveyardThe Alley bar MontgomeryWes Paul Montgomery

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